Dark Web ID Integrations

Don’t waste time or money with complex, fussy integrations. Dark Web ID seamlessly integrates with today’s most popular PSA platforms, including Kaseya BMS, Autotask, and ConnectWise, with easy API options available.

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Dark Web ID partners who use the ConnectWise PSA can now maximize visibility, and establish workflows from their Manage dashboard, to better deliver exceptional customer service. Dark Web ID connects into the PSA console through API, allowing users to configure their customers’ exposure alerts to seamlessly create tickets within the PSA. This allows for smoother and quicker response time to the customer and streamlines processes for the administrator.

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Built via the PSA software’s open API and in conjunction with the Datto integration team, the integration allows Datto’s Autotask PSA users to configure their Dark Web ID exposure alerts to instantly create tickets within their PSA console, allowing for faster response directly to the end-user customer and less email traffic for the administrator.

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With this integration, ID Agent partners experience sales acceleration using Dark Web ID with their Infusionsoft campaign manager. By feeding Dark Web exposure data directly into marketing workflows, MSPs can move prospects through marketing and sales funnels faster with more efficiency. Partners are better able to automate sales follow-up to maximize the dollar amount of every opportunity, providing highly targeted and automated marketing to exponentially multiply prospecting efforts.

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A powerful Network Detective Pro/Dark Web ID integration analyzes the dates of compromise of passwords discovered by Dark Web ID scans and compares them with the date of the last password update captured by Network Detective Pro. The results are automatically included in both the Network Detective Pro Full Detail Report and a branded graphic for customers and prospects. Any compromised passwords that are active are highlighted in red in the report.

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The integration between Kaseya BMS and Dark Web ID creates automated workflows for faster ticket resolution. An alert is seamlessly created in BMS whenever Dark Web ID finds a new compromise for the monitored value, resulting in faster mitigation. MSPs can stay informed about everything going on with their clients in one central location and need to log into only one platform to see the alerts.

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The integration benefits IT Glue customers who also utilize Dark Web ID by making the new client setup quick and painless. The partners who subscribe to both solutions can now import their SMB clients from IT Glue into Dark Web ID for a much quicker Dark Web ID provisioning process.

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