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by Kevin Lancaster

Is Your Business Ready for the Impact of Cybercrime as a Service?

Many industries around the world are experiencing challenges in 2020, but one is growing exponentially – cybercrime as a service. This fast-growing sector isn’t just about the sale of stolen information anymore. Just like everything else in life, technology has changed the way that cybercrime as a service has evolved too, and it’s creating danger for businesses every day.

How Big of a Danger Is It?

Here’s a quick review of the latest statistics about cybercrime as a service:

How Can Businesses Protect Themselves?

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The combination of huge quantities of information available in Dark Web data dumps, increased reliance on cloud-based applications, the Great Work From Home, and an increase in exploitable vulnerabilities through the adoption of IoT devices has created greater opportunity for cybercriminals to strike and greater danger for businesses. Plus, in a challenging economy, even cybercriminals have to work a little bit harder these days.

One key way to protect your business in this tumultuous time is an investment in Dark Web monitoring – and considering the enormous cost of a data breach and the rising fines associated with them, it’s a very smart investment, because the millions of credentials available to cybercriminals on the Dark Web are a direct threat to every business.

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Dark Web ID is the ideal choice to protect your business from the danger of compromised credentials powered by Dark Web data. With Dark Web ID, business credentials are monitored 24/7/365, through a blend of human and machine analysis. If a protected credential appears in Dark Web markets, you’re alerted immediately, giving IT teams the opportunity to take care of potential vulnerabilities before they become cybersecurity problems.

Dark Web ID is the premier solution in the Channel for a reason – it provides strong protection from cybercrime at an excellent value. Combined with the other solutions in our digital risk protection platform, Dark Web ID is the solid center in a strong defense against cybercrime, and a smart choice in every company’s cybersecurity strategy.

Our digital risk protection solutions give you strong protection against cyberattacks and peace of mind about cybersecurity at a price that won’t keep you up at night.


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