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Don’t Be Part of the New Data Breach Record 2020

July 14, 2020
new data breach record 2020

Bad Actors Are on Track for a New Data Breach Record 2020 

Every other industry might be experiencing a bit of a slowdown in the wake of the global pandemic, but not cybercrime. Dark Web markets are booming, and certain kinds of data are fetching high prices. Business has never been better for data thieves, and they’re on track to meet their goals for a banner year and set a new Data Breach Record 2020. 

Information is pouring into Dark Web markets to fuel further cyberattacks. So far this year, 16 billion records have been exposed. About 8.4 billion were exposed in the first quarter of 2020 alone, a 273% increase from the first half of 2019 which saw only 4.1 billion exposed. While breach reporting was down significantly in Q1 2020, that can be chalked up to the pandemic disrupting reporting, not a decrease in cybercrime.  

Security Awareness Training is Data Breach Prevention

How are the bad guys getting this data? In a recent report, researchers noted that 70% of reported breaches were due to unauthorized access to systems or services. Unauthorized access can typically be traced to an insider threat like phishing or password compromise. By upgrading (and updating) security awareness training, companies can reduce the chance of insider threats like these giving cybercriminals the in that they’re looking for to deploy ransomware or steal data.  

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It’s not just malicious insiders that you have to consider when planning a data loss prevention strategy. Well-intentioned but careless employees can easily cause as much if not more damage as a malicious insider – Human error is the number one cause of data loss. These solutions mitigate the risk of a staffer’s error resulting in a data breach. 

Arm Staffers to Fight Today’s Biggest Threat  

Phishing Resistance Training – Phishing is the biggest threat to any company’s cybersecurity this year. Phishing not only provides an ideal delivery vehicle for ransomware, it’s the gateway to data loss – more than 90% of incidents that end with a data breach started with a phishing attack. Phishing attempts are arriving in more ways than just email, and it pays to keep staffers up to date on the latest techniques and tricks that cybercriminals are using.  

BullPhish ID is the ideal solution for increasing phishing resistance at any level, including spear phishing attempts. Easy remote management, deployment, and testing enables companies to run “set it and forget it” training sessions using engaging video lessons, with content available in 8 languages – transforming security risks into security assets.  

Get 2 Data Loss Prevention Tools in 1 Solution

Multifactor Authentication and Single Sign-On – These cybercrime prevention twins are the perfect 1 – 2 punch to prevent password compromise from giving bad actors a chance to infiltrate systems and steal data. If a staffer is caught up in a phishing attack and a cybercriminal gets their password, multifactor authentication (MFA) stops it from being useful without a secondary identifier and single sign-on (SSO) makes it easy for administrators to remove access permissions from a compromised account.  

Passly is the solution that stops cybercriminals cold. Passly combines MFA, SSO, and more into a single secure identity and access management solution that deploys in days, not weeks because averting password compromise is an immediate improvement that every company needs to implement immediately. Our cutting-edge solution features simple remote management tools and seamlessly integrates with more than 1,000 apps that staffers use every day, adding data security at a price that won’t break the bank. 

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By taking action now and implementing solutions that can handle today’s challenges (including improved security awareness training) companies can reduce their chances of becoming part of the calculus for the new Data Breach Record 2020 – because that’s an achievement that no one wants to be a part of! 

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