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by ID Agent

The easiest way to improve password security is to stop making bad passwords. These tools can help.

Passwords are always at the forefront of cybersecurity discussions because they’re the most commonly used tool for security – and the worst. In a recent study, 42% of respondents said that their organization had been compromised because of a bad, stolen or cracked password. Every company must improve password security if they don’t want to join that group. 

But one of the most important (and basic) lessons to learn about improving password security is that it doesn’t really matter how a password is handled and stored, or even if it’s stolen if it starts out as a bad password. No matter how many letters, numbers, and punctuation marks you put in it, a bad password doesn’t suddenly transform into a good one.  

These resources can help determine if your passwords are doomed from the start and how to make better ones to improve password security from the ground up. 

Learn How Bad Passwords Are Born 

Forgetting your password is a huge pain. You have to contact an administrator, get it reset, reenter it on all of your devices. That’s why users tend to want to make passwords that are easy for them to remember – with sometimes disastrous results. This is how bad passwords are born. Certain common mnemonics that are commonly used to generate passwords are especially bad. Is yours on the list? 

Download “Is This Your Password? 3 Common Password Fails & 3 Quick Password Wins” to see the worst kinds of information to use when generating passwords, and 3 easy ways to make better passwords.

Learn to Make Good Passwords 

More factors go into creating a good, strong password than just choosing the right combination of letters, numbers, and symbols. By learning how to make good, uncommon passwords, you can drastically improve your password security quickly. Thousands of passwords are already for sale on the Dark Web, making it easy for cybercriminals to get giant lists of passwords for credential stuffing attacks. Not to mention password cracking software that allows bad actors to find the way into your systems easily if your passwords are weak.  

Download our “Password Education Package” to get expert advice on building better passwords and a white paper that explains how bad passwords are born and how to avoid common password pitfalls.

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