2020 ransomware statistics

by Kevin Lancaster

You May Want to Revise Your Cybersecurity Plan After You See These 2020 Ransomware Statistics! 

If you ask a cybersecurity professional what threat keeps them up at night, the majority of them will tell you it’s ransomware. This increasing threat is taking down organizations of every size every day, and it’s only getting worse. Here are 10 of the most important 2020 ransomware statistics to take into account as you consider how your organization plans to prevent ransomware from taking your data hostage. 

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What can businesses do to avoid a ransomware attack?

One important statistic to note is the first one on the list – 65% of ransomware attacks are delivered via phishing. That’s why phishing is the biggest cybersecurity threat of 2020, making phishing resistance training a cybersecurity essential. 

Stop phishing attacks from landing to stop ransomware.

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