facts about cybercrime in 2020 represented by a vactor image of a hacker using a silver laptop top send icons of different styles of cybercrime around on a world map.

by Kevin Lancaster

Don’t start thinking about your strategy to outfox bad actors in 2021 until you see these facts about cybercrime in 2020!

Cybercrime has had a banner year in 2020. A perfect storm of factors combined to make this a very good year for cybercriminals, and a very bad year for some businesses. Don’t join that list – use these facts about cybercrime in 2020 (and two illuminating bonus statistics) to gain insight into important ways to protect your business from cybercrime.

10 Essential Facts About Cybercrime in 2020

Cybercrime is Booming, But Defense is More Efficient ( and Affordable) Than Ever

Although 2020 has been a banner year for cybercrime, especially ransomware, companies that take smart precautions against cybercrime are experiencing good results. Even companies that just put a few additional provisions in place to fight back against the surge are having success in keeping the bad guys out of their systems and data.

Security awareness training reduces a company’s risk of a cybersecurity incident by 70%.

Security awareness training isn’t optional. 90% of incidents that end in a data breach start in a phishing email. With threats coming at your business from every side, including a spate of new vectors for phishing threats, security awareness and phishing resistance training is a must-have for 2021 to reduce your risk of a cybersecurity incident dramatically.

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Combat insider threats and more in our security awareness champion's guide represented by an image of the book cover and some potions, scrolls and treasure to elicit the book's fantasy game style as you study holiday phishing scams and cyberpunk 2077 malware

If Cybersecurity is Like a Game, Shouldn’t You Play to Win? Here’s How to Do It.


Multifactor authentication makes a company 99% less likely to be compromised

Multifactor Authentication (MFA) is a key tool to immediately add strong security protection to systems and data. While no security measure is infallible, companies that rely on MFA to secure access to the heart of their business experience fewer cyberattacks. MFA is a top recommendation from the FBI on how to reduce the chance of success for cyberattacks like credential stuffing.

Passly is the solution that every business should implement to immediately add increased protection against cyberattacks. This multifunctional dynamo not only provides state-of-the-art multifactor authentication, but it also includes single sign-on Launchpads to provide even more control over access as well as secure shared password storage vaults and easy remote management capability. SEE A VIDEO OF PASSLY AT WORK>>

2020 election cybersecurity fears represented by a man in a hoodie is shown with a login screen superimposed to represent passwords for sale on the Dark Web

You probably thought you were being smart when you made your password – but cybercriminals are smart too. Read “Is This Your Password?” to see how yours stacks up. GET THE BOOK>>

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