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What’s Behind the Huge Rise in Healthcare Data Breaches?

July 06, 2020
healthcare dtata breaches rise represented by a burglar vacuuming up data

The Major Rise in Healthcare Data Breaches Has A Common Thread – and a Hook.

Healthcare is the biggest sector for data breaches, with several huge breaches already on the books for 2020. As healthcare data has become more valuable in the wake of the global pandemic it’s no surprise that there’s been a substantial rise in healthcare data breaches. During the first three months of 2020, the number of breached records in the healthcare sector exploded by 273% over the same period in 2019.

How do most healthcare breaches start? Phishing.

Cybercriminals know that this is a critical time for healthcare organizations, and they’re planning accordingly. With a huge burden on the healthcare system for COVID-19 treatment and a rush to research the disease and develop new treatments, cybercriminals know they have golden opportunities to make money from healthcare targets. Over 90% of all cybersecurity incidents that end in a data breach start with a phishing attack.  Phishing is also the most commonly used delivery system for ransomware – about 65% of ransomware infections are delivered via phishing.  

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Just last week, we reported on a huge payout by UCSF to cybercriminals who trapped that organization in a ransomware attack – the college paid $1.14 million to free critical COVID-19 research data from its medical school. There’s no magic bullet to defeat the threat of ransomware delivered from a phishing attack. But there is one excellent defense that any organization can mount against phishing attacks – adding a comprehensive phishing training and testing solution to their security stack. 

Improved phishing resistance training pays off.  

By using a phishing resistance training and testing solution like BullPhish ID, staffers become more aware of the types of phishing attempts that they could face, making them more vigilant against attacks. BullPhish ID’s frequently updated training can improve every staffer’s reaction to phishing attempts, turning your weakest link into a strong defender.

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How does that happen? BullPhish ID makes different types of phishing attacks easy to understand, with training around expected threats served up in bite-sized pieces. Using engaging animated videos, staffers can clearly see how a phishing attempt is made and learn to spot common signs that something isn’t right about an email, link, attachment, PDF, or another potentially malicious vector of attack. Our training uses minimal technobabble, so it’s accessible to users at any level of tech knowledge.

Better training isn’t harder to manage. 

BullPhish ID provides all of the tools that companies need to run high-quality training without headaches. With complete phishing training campaigns available in 8 languages, online testing to determine retention, and easy campaign and group management, improving phishing resistance with BullPhish ID is a snap. Plus, it’s constantly being updated to reflect new threats, including recent threats like COVID-19. Take a look at how BullPhish ID is the perfect phishing training and testing solution for any company in this 10-minute technical demonstration video.

As the popularity and profitability of ransomware attacks continues to grow; phishing will remain one of the biggest dangers to any healthcare organization. Through consistent, relentless phishing awareness training and testing, companies can reduce their chances of being caught in an expensive and potentially crippling ransomware attack caused by phishing.  

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