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10 SMB Cybersecurity Facts that MSPs Need to Know About Attitudes & Purchasing

October 15, 2021
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Use10 SMB Cybersecurity Facts that MSPs Need to Know About Attitudes & Purchasing to Guide Your Next Pitch!

In a tumultuous year for businesses, the cybercrime boom of 2020 broke all records, and cybercriminals are definitely not slacking off in 2021. Worldwide, cybercrime costs small and medium businesses more than $2.2 million a year.  From increases in cloud data breaches to surging ransomware risk, the business cybersecurity landscape has been growing more dangerous and more expensive for businesses of every size. Chaos spawned by the global pandemic combined with surging nation-state cybercrime and technology evolution has spawned a fast-paced atmosphere that has spawned new vistas of opportunity for cybercriminals and new vistas of risk for businesses.   

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 10 SMB Cybersecurity Facts that MSPs Need to Know 

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Cybercrime is High but Budgets (and Defenses) Are Low 

Cybercrime rates have never been higher, and the cost of cybercrime is astronomical. However, in the wake of the COVID-19 pandemic, 62% of IT departments are tightening their budgets, yet cybercrime is increasingly prominent. That’s why an estimated 60% of companies that are hit with a cyberattack go out of business within 6 months. You would think that numbers like that would be a strong impetus for businesses to find and deploy the best defense against cyberattacks that they can afford, but that’s not the case. An estimated 60% of business leaders surveyed by IBM revealed that their businesses didn’t have any sort of defense against cyberattacks in place at all. 

Many business owners and executives in every industry don’t realize that cybersecurity should even be on their radar. Even worse, there are many SMBs and business executives that fail to understand the potential danger to their business that could come from just one cyberattack, like business email compromise or ransomware. One investigation into a cyberattack costs an average of $15,000 for SMBs. That’s just to find out what happened, not get back to work.  SMBs spend an average of $955,429 to restore normal business in the wake of a cyberattack 

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SMB Cybersecurity Spending Attitudes  

The most recent CNBC /Momentive Small Business Survey expands on that unfortunate conclusion, and the results were no less disturbing. Even with skyrocketing data breach increases, a stunning 56% of the SMB owners surveyed said they are “not very concerned” about being the victim of a cyberattack in the next 12 months, and among those, 24% said they were “not concerned at all.” Many also dismissed the seriousness of today’s biggest risks. The same survey discovered some even more disturbing findings. The SMB owners were generally quite confident (59%) that even if they were hit with a cyberattack, they’d quickly resolve it. Only 37% were “not very confident” and only 11% were “not confident at all.”  

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Grow Your SMB Cybersecurity Sales with ID Agent 

Putting your best foot forward and establishing your expertise upfront is critical to your MSP’s success in capturing new clients – 67% of companies engage a vendor’s sales team after they have already made a purchase decision. ID Agent can help. Just like your clients and prospects, security should be high on your priority list as a great way to grow your MSP.  

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Dark Web ID features 24/7/365 always-on monitoring that alerts businesses when their credentials appear on the dark web, reducing nasty third-party credential exposure risk. Automated alerts and reporting mean that your team doesn’t need to spend time staring at a dashboard to stay informed.   

Passly is an incredible value, packing so much bang for the buck. Essentials like multifactor authentication, single sign-on and secure shared password vaults make remote management and access control easy, and automated password resets will make everyone happy. 

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