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Here’s what’s you may have missed this week in our blog as we explored new cybersecurity news and our expert analysis of what today’s threats will mean tomorrow.

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COVID-19 Changed the Dark Web Too. See the State of the Dark Web in 2020

Everything has changed because of the novel coronavirus pandemic – even the Dark Web. In the post-pandemic world, Dark Web activity has skyrocketed and the seismic changes in several categories could spell trouble for companies. Our new eBook gives you a snapshot of those changes and how they could impact your security.

See who is using the Dark Web (more people than you think!), find out about the movers and shakers in the Dark Web economy, and gain insight that can help you improve your data loss prevention strategy!

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MSPs: Are You Ready to Grow?

We recently explored the ways that MSPs can position themselves to not just survive but thrive in any economy. PIVOT2GROW, presented by ID Agent and Marketopia, featured more than a dozen Channel experts sharing their secrets to success, with actionable steps that you can take now to cultivate your future success.cDon’t retrench and wait for conditions to improve, pivot to grow now!

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THREAT>> Password compromise from recycling or sharing

STOP IT>> Dark Web monitoring with Dark Web ID.

  • Password recycling is a common problem, especially for passwords that users have to enter frequently
  • 31% of breaches in a recent survey were caused by password sharing
  • 42% of breaches are caused by password compromise
  • Administrator passwords and privileged user credentials allow cybercriminals to cause havoc

Dark Web ID is on guard 24/7/365, using human and machine intelligence to determine when your security is at risk because of password compromise or other threats. Our award-winning solution alerts you to threats fast, so that you can take care of problems before they become catastrophes.


Does your password make the grade? Find out now when you download “Is This Your Password? 3 Common Password Fails & 3 Quick Password Wins” to see what not to do when generating passwords, and 3 easy ways to make better passwords.

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