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Get the Facts About the Global Year in Breach & What’s Next

March 18, 2021
global year in breach depicted as a printed report.

The Global Year in Breach 2021 is Here with 2020 Brach Data and What’s Next!

2020 was a tumultuous year for everyone – especially in cybersecurity. A perfect storm of trouble spawned an unprecedented wave of cybercrime around the globe. As the economy contracted, even cybercriminals had to work a little bit harder to make ends meet – and they were quick to get on it with sophisticated cyberattacks against large and small organizations.

Stress = Opportunity for Cybercriminals

But the pandemic itself wasn’t the only event that impacted cybersecurity in 2020. In the face of global lockdowns to slow the disease’s spread, companies were forced to choose between enabling employees to work from home or closing their doors until it blew over – which never happened. That meant that a record number of anxious, concerned new remote workers came online, opening up a plethora of opportunities for bad actors.

Booming dark web data markets and huge quantities of new records for sale on the dark web begat bigger, nastier crimes like spear phishing directed at businesses that powered ransomware, audacious business email compromise scams and password-based attacks. The public’s hunger for information was a boon for cybercriminals too, creating golden opportunities to phish that cybercriminals didn’t waste.

Build a More Secure Future

We know that one of the best ways to plan for the future is to quantify and analyze your learning from past experiences. That’s why we’ve gathered essential data on cyberattacks, targets, threat vectors, potential damage, disasters and more into the new version of our informative annual report.

In the Global Year in Breach 2021: What Happened in 2020, Why it Happened and What to Do Next, we’re sharing all of that cybercrime data with you, enabling you to make informed choices about cybersecurity. You’ll learn:

  • What cybercriminals’ favorite attack vectors are and why
  • How social engineering drove pandemic cybercrime
  • The real cost of a record-breaking year for cybercrime
  • How phishing became the top security threat of 2020 and the fallout
  • What we think is next in cybercrime
  • How you can be ready to beat the next cyberattack

We’re proud to share our signature annual report with you to help you grow your business and improve your security. Packed with the latest cybercrime statistics (all 2020 or newer), you’ll find everything that you need to use the experience gained in 2020 to create a cyber resilient organization that thrives in any conditions.

Download the Global Year in Breach 2021: What Happened in 2020, Why it Happened and What to Do Next now =>>

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