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The Week in Breach News: 07/26/23 – 08/01/23

August 02, 2023

This week: The MOVEit exploit nets a big fish, a cyberattack leaves them losing sleep at Tempur Sealy, an exciting new capability in BullPhish ID and the benefits of Ransomware Rollback.

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Exploit: Hacking

Maximus: Government Services Company

cybersecurity news gauge indicating extreme risk

Risk to Business: 1.734 = Extreme

Maximus, a service provider to several U.S. federal agencies including The Department of Health and Human Services (HHS) and the Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services (CMS), has disclosed that it has been caught up in the MOVEit exploit net. In a filing with the U.S. Security and Exchange Commission (SEC), Maximus said that it discovered in May that its corporate network was affected by the MOVEit ransomware attack. The company determined that the attackers snatched files containing sensitive information including Social Security numbers belonging to between 8 million and 11 million individuals. The investigation into the incident is ongoing.

How It Could Affect Your Customers’ Business: This zero-day exploit has been a gold mine for Cl0p and new companies are added to the victim list every day.

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Southern Association of Independent Schools, Inc (SAIS)

Exploit: Misconfiguration

Southern Association of Independent Schools, Inc (SAIS): Accreditation Non-Profit

cybersecurity news represented by agauge showing severe risk

Risk to Business: 1.876 = Severe

Website Planet reported the discovery of a large unsecured database belonging to the Southern Association of Independent Schools, Inc (SAIS) that contains highly sensitive information. Researchers discovered a variety of data inside including multiple types of student and teacher records, health information, teacher background checks and Social Security numbers, active shooter and lockdown notifications, maps of schools, financial budgets, school cybersecurity plans and much more. Incredibly, the treasure trove also contained third-party security reports that exposed weaknesses in school security, locations of cameras, access and entry points, and more. These documents could pose a potentially serious real-world security risk to the safety of students and teachers. Once informed SAIS took action to resolve the problem. 

How It Could Affect Your Customers’ Business Education has been a top sector for ransomware attacks because it’s both time-sensitive and a great source of data.

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Rite Aid

Exploit: Hacking

Rite Aid: Pharmacy Chain

cybersecurity news represented by agauge showing severe risk

Risk to Business: 1.612 = Severe

Rite Aid has revealed a data breach that impacts the personally identifiable information (PII) of an estimated 24,400 customers. The trouble began on May 31, 2023, when a vendor partner alerted Rite Aid about a vulnerability in their software. Unfortunately, it was too late, and Rite Aid discovered that the vulnerability had already been exploited by bad actors. Customers’ exposed PII includes a patient’s first and last names, dates of birth, addresses, prescription data like medication names and fill dates, prescriber information, and in some cases, limited insurance data such as the plan name and cardholder ID.

How It Could Affect Your Customers’ Business: This breach will be very expensive for Rite Aid after investigation costs and regulatory penalties are added up.

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Tempur Sealy

Exploit: Hacking

Tempur Sealy: Mattress Manufacturer

Risk OK

Risk to Business: 1.349 = Moderate

No one’s sleeping easy at Tempur Sealy as the company contends with a cyberattack. The incident began on July 23 and the company said it was forced to shut down its IT systems and implement its business continuity plan. In a filing to the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission, Tempur Sealy said that the company’s operations had been hindered, but did not specify the extent. Although this looks like a ransomware attack, no ransomware group has claimed responsibility. The company said that it has contracted with an outside cybersecurity specialist in the investigation as well as law enforcement.

How It Could Affect Your Customers’ Business: Even one small cyberattack can be a big problem that brings big bills for any business.

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Pacific Premier Bancorp

Exploit: Supply Chain Attack

Pacific Premier Bancorp: Bank

cybersecurity news represented by agauge showing severe risk

Risk to Business: 1.637 = Severe

California-based Pacific Premier Bancorp is the latest financial institution to become ensnared in the MOVEit exploit storm. In a filing with the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission, the bank disclosed that customers’ sensitive data had been stolen in an attack on one of the bank’s vendors. The data snatched includes customers’ names, Social Security numbers, account numbers and other unspecified personally identifiable information. Impacted customers will be informed by mail. The bank did not specify how many customers had data exposed, saying that their investigation is ongoing. 

How it Could Affect Your Customers’ Business: Supply chain risk is constantly growing for businesses as bad actors ramp up strategic attack pressure.

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A diverse group pf It professionals collaborate at a computer workstation

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Canada – CardioComm

Exploit: Hacking

CardioComm: Medical Technology Company

cybersecurity news represented by agauge showing severe risk

Risk to Business: 1.766 = Severe

CardioComm a Canadian heart monitoring and medical electrocardiogram solutions provider announced that it has taken systems offline following a cyberattack. The company admitted that the attack has impacted its production server environments and will have an impact on its business operations. Visitors to the company’s website are informed that CardioComm services are currently offline. CardioComm said that it does not believe that customer health information was compromised in the attack, noting that it does not collect that data.

How it Could Affect Your Customers’ Business: Even if they don’t steal any data, the bad guys can cause trouble with disruptive cyberattacks.

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Yamaha Canada Music

Exploit: Ransomware

Yamaha Canada Music: Musical Instrument Company

1.51 – 2.49 = Severe Risk

Risk to Business: 1.707 = Severe

Canadian musical instrument maker Yamaha Canada Music has disclosed that it has been the victim of a ransomware attack. In an interesting twist, just like some of last week’s attacks, this one also features more than one ransomware group claiming responsibility, this time BlackByte and Akira. BlackByte included Yamaha Canada on its list of victims on June 14 before the company was added by Akira ransomware on its leak site on July 21. The company admitted that the personal data of some of its employees had been compromised but did not offer specifics. The incident is under investigation.

How it Could Affect Your Customers’ Business: Employee data is just as useful and profitable for bad actors as consumer data.

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young brunette caucasian woman sits at a com[uter mo

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Scotland – University of Western Scotland (UWS)

Exploit: Ransomware

University of Western Scotland (UWS): Institution of Higher Learning

cybersecurity news represented by a gauge indicating moderate risk

Risk to Business: 1.413 = Moderate

Data purportedly stolen from the University of Western Scotland (UWS) has made its way to the dark web courtesy of the up-and-coming Rhysida ransomware gang. The group is demanding over $450k to not expose any more data or sell the lot in the next few days. UWS’ trouble began in early July when the cyberattack caused a brief period of downtime across some of UWS’s key systems, including its public-facing website. The attackers claim that the data they have includes the personal details of staff members, including financial and National Insurance data, and a number of internal university documents. The university is working with Police Scotland and the National Cyber Security Centre (NCSC) in the investigation.

How it Could Affect Your Customers’ Business: The sum requested is outrageous, but fledgling ransomware groups often do things like that to make a name for themselves.

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1 – 1.5 = Extreme Risk

1.51 – 2.49 = Severe Risk

2.5 – 3 = Moderate Risk

Risk scores for The Week in Breach are calculated using a formula that considers a range of factors for each incident

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When Continuous Target Sync is enabled, after a target is added to a group that is part of an ongoing training campaign, the target is automatically added to the campaign. 

The Continuous Target Sync toggle is available on the Training & Awareness Dashboard (select Training & Awareness > View All Training Campaigns) and applies only to training campaigns. 

When Continuous Target Sync is enabled, a one-time sync is initiated for all ongoing training campaigns associated with your SMB organizations. Please note that it may take several hours for the campaigns to be updated with the latest target list. 

For more details, refer to this article about adding new targets to ongoing training campaigns. Along with more detailed information about the Continuous Target Sync feature, the article also describes specific scenarios that apply. 

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Prepare Now to Quickly Recover from a Ransomware Attack with Ransomware Rollback 

No IT professional wants to come face to face with ransomware. However, in today’s volatile security landscape, it’s highly probable that a company will have to navigate through the shark-infested waters of a major incident response and try to survive a ransomware attack at least once. The year is only a little over half over, yet ransomware losses have already reached about the same amount as they did in all of 2022. In fact, ransomware gangs are well on their way to having a banner year ever, having snatched up an estimated $449.1 million through June. Experts at Chainalysis estimate that if ransomware attacks and damage continue at this pace, the bad guys could steal $898.6 million. What all of this means for MSPs and other IT professionals is that mounting a solid defense against ransomware is critical and having the right tools to do it is essential. 

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What are the most common types of ransomware? 

There are many strains of ransomware in use by cybercriminals and ransomware groups are constantly innovating to make their malware more dangerous. An estimated 300,000 new pieces of malware, including ransomware, are created daily. However, all ransomware attacks are not created equal. There are several styles of attack that bad actors may choose to employ. A ransomware attack is a type of extortion. For example, in a classic ransomware attack scenario, cybercriminals encrypt a company’s systems and demand payment in exchange for the decryption key.  

  • In a double extortion ransomware attack, cybercriminals may encrypt a company’s systems or steal data as well as threaten to take a second action to damage the victim company, like publishing the stolen data on the dark web or selling it to the highest bidder, if the ransom is unpaid by a deadline. 
  • In a triple extortion ransomware scenario, not only do the attackers demand payment from the victim for a decryption key and to not sell their stolen data, but they’ll also demand payment to prevent a third negative consequence. That third problem may include leaking sensitive data to the media, blackmailing executives, damaging the company’s reputation or launching a barrage of demonstrated denial of service attacks (DDoS) to further disrupt the business of the victim company.

a young, bearded white man in a dress shirt looks pensively at charts on a computer monitor

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What are the possible results of a ransomware attack?

A successful ransomware attack on an organization can have many unpleasant consequences for that company, including putting it out of business. Just like any other cyberattack, a company will incur an expensive incident response and recovery operation. Here are some of the other consequences a company might face after falling victim to a ransomware attack: 

  • Theft of data like customer and employee records containing personally identifiable information (PII), intellectual property or proprietary data 
  • Cybercriminals stealing information about operational technology (OT) 
  • Loss of access to critical systems, including industrial control systems (ICS) or OT 
  • Extended network downtime 
  • Loss of access to company data 
  • An adversary taking control of OT or ICS 
  • Bad actors learning company or personal secrets  
  • The release of company data or damaging information about a company on the dark web 
  • Lost productivity and increased payroll expenses 
  • Reputation damage that impacts future deals or consumer sentiment 

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How can ransomware contaminate data and systems?  

There are a few basic ways that ransomware or other malware can enter an organization’s environment. These two are the most common: 

A phishing email — The most likely way for ransomware to infiltrate a business is through a malicious email. These messages are often sophisticated, making it difficult for employees to quickly judge their validity. The phishing message will then direct the employee to take an action like clicking on a malicious link or downloading a poisonous attachment that is laden with ransomware, kicking off the attack.  

Direct deployment — This is a trickier way for bad actors to inject ransomware. In this scenario, bad actors have to gain access to a company’s environment directly. This is typically done through hacking, capitalizing on an exploit or using stolen credentials. Sometimes a malicious employee will infect their company’s environment with ransomware. 

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Never Lose Critical Files to a Ransomware Attack  

One of the biggest stressors and obstacles for a company grappling with a ransomware attack is lost data. Businesses face the prospect of paying extortionists and hoping that their data is returned uncopied, or trying to recover from backups that may be incomplete. But those aren’t the only ways to get a company’s data back after a ransomware attack. Datto EDR makes it simple for MSPs and other IT professionals to enhance business continuity and reduce downtime with Ransomware Rollback, a new free feature that was recently added to Datto EDR.  

If the worst does happen and a company faces a ransomware disaster, with Ransomware Rollback it’s fast and easy for that company to restore their systems and data to exactly where they were when the attack started, enabling them to get back to work fast. With one click, instantly revert files to their original state after a ransomware attack and ensure normal business operations are up and running without any loss of time, money or data.  

an ominously dark image of a hacker in a blue grey hoodie with the face obscured.

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Roll Everything Back Fast 

Ransomware Rollback allows you to go back in time and quickly recover ransomware-encrypted files, ensuring business operations continue to run as if nothing ever happened. This feature helps ensure quick and efficient file recovery with no mess or fuss. By tracking changes to users’ files in real time, Ransomware Rollback provides you with the ability to revert multiple files at once and at scale. No matter an organization’s size, it’s a snap for IT professionals to restore an organization’s files to their original state, enhancing a company’s resilience against cyberattacks.  

Ransomware Rollback Desktop Application is easily and instantly installed on managed devices that have Datto EDR and Ransomware Detection, improving a company’s security posture right away. It’s simple to monitor tracked changes through the Rollback Desktop Application. Access all the reverted files and view the file name, file size, update time and date at a glance. Best of all, this must-have tool is a free add-on for those who subscribe to Datto EDR as part of the platform’s Ransomware Detection feature.  

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Graphus — Automated email security is a cutting-edge solution that puts three layers of AI-powered protection between employees and phishing messages. It works equally well as a standalone email security solution or supercharges your Microsoft 365 and Google Workspace email security.  

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Datto EDR — Detect and respond to advanced threats with built-in continuous endpoint monitoring and behavioral analysis to deliver comprehensive endpoint defense (something that many cyber insurance companies require). 

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