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10 Facts About Passwords to See Before You Make Another One

July 13, 2020
Password security statistics represented by an old fashioned lock and key

These 10 Facts About PasswordsProve That Your “Password Protected” Data Isn’t Safe.

Companies are still relying on passwords alone to be an effective security measure – and that is a mistake that could lead to an expensive disaster like a data breach fast. Don’t rely on just a password for data loss prevention. It’s completely outdated. You wouldn’t use an old-fashioned lock to secure your office door – why are you relying on an old-fashioned lock to secure your data? See how password risk has evolved with the help of the Dark Web to learn why you need to upgrade your security from “password protected” to “secure identity and access management solution defended”. Take a look at 10 facts about passwords that will shine a light on why secure identity and access management is a must-have. 

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Passwords Aren’t Protection

As we’ve demonstrated before, passwords are not an effective security measure, and keeping data and systems safe in the modern threat landscape requires stronger protection. These 10 statistics clearly show that passwords are definitely not the last word in data loss prevention.  

malicious insider threats can include cryptocurrency risk represented by a crime comic style blue eye looking through a peephole.

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People Love to Make Bad Passwords

Most people will choose passwords that can be divided into 24 common combinations, and 49% of users will only change one letter or digit in one of their preferred passwords when required to make a new password. Based on an analysis of the data that we analyzed from Dark Web ID in 2020, the most categories of information used to generate bad passwords in 2020 were Names, Sports, Food, Places, Animals, and Famous People/Characters.

Most passwords originate from these groups:

  • 59% of Americans use a person’s name or family birthday in their passwords
  • 33% include a pet’s name
  • 22% use their own name

Take a look at the Worst Passwords of 2020 to find out what NOT to do.

The Most Common Passwords by Category

  • Names: maggie
  • Sports: baseball
  • Food: cookie
  • Places: Newyork
  • Animals: lemonfish
  • Famous People/Characters: Tigger

Upgrade Data Security Without Upending the IT Budget

Why buy 3 or 4 solutions to improve your access point security when you can get everything you need in 1 dynamic, affordable package with Passly? CISOs of hundreds of major companies agree: secure identity and access management has to be a top cybersecurity priority for every company. Plus, Passly provides businesses with one ultra-powerful shield against cybercrime: multifactor authentication. Microsoft’s research shows that MFA stops 99.9% of password-related cybercrime.

Passly is a must-have as part of any company’s cybersecurity plan.

Putting powerful access management in place is simple and affordable – and you don’t even need to buy more than one solution. Passly packs everything that businesses need to secure their systems and data the right way into one powerhouse package that starts protecting your business immediately. Plus, you’ll never spend time waiting on a password reset again!  

You’ll get: 

  • Multifactor Authentication (MFA) 
  • Single Sign On (SSO) 
  • Secure shared password vaults 
  • Automated password resets 
  • Dark Web ID integration 
  • An amazing value 
  • And so much more! 

We’re ready to help you take your organization’s password security to the next level with Passly, one essential building block in the ID Agent Digital Risk Protection Platform. Don’t roll the dice with password security for another day.  Contact our solutions experts and let’s get started! 

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