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Improve Your Company’s Password Security in 3 Easy Steps

December 29, 2020
improve password security with these 3 tools. Image shows a white password login box on a blue screen

Ready to Improve Password Security at Your Business? It’s as Easy as 1 2 3.

Many cyberattacks are focused on gaining access to systems and data by obtaining passwords that allow bad actors to slip right in like they belong there. That’s why CISO’s are making secure identity and access management a priority in 2021, and you should too. By adding better security to your access points, you’re making your business a less attractive target for cybercrime. It’s not hard to do, or even expensive. Here are 3 tools that empower you to improve password security quickly and affordably.

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Make Sure You’re Not Using Bad Passwords

Are your company’s passwords strong? You might think so, but you may be surprised to find out that your passwords aren’t as cleverly constructed as you think, making it easy for cybercriminals to crack them. In our eBook Is This Your Password? you’ll learn:

  • 3 common but terrible methods that people use to generate passwords
  • 3 good ways to generate passwords
  • How you’re making it easy for cybercriminals to figure out your password
  • What to do to stop password-related cybercrime

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dark web danger represented by a shadowy hacker using a hook to steal a password from a square flating over a laptop with other warnings in an animated style

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Learn to Make Good Passwords

Just like there are plenty of ways to generate bad passwords, there are also plenty of ways to generate good passwords – you just need to learn them. Find out more about how savvy tech experts create strong passwords and why strong password security is a smart investment for your business in our eBook Build Better Passwords. You’ll uncover:

  • Facts and figures to show you the price of relying on bad passwords
  • The reasons why some passwords are stronger than others
  • Learn the art and science of making good, strong passwords
  • What you can do now to protect your business from bad passwords

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phishing email imitating famous brands dangers represented by a cartoon hacker in a hoodie at a laptop with an eye mask on done in shades of blue, Batman style.

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Add Secure Identity and Access Management at a Great Price

Relying on just a password to secure your business just isn’t going to cut it anymore. More sophisticated cyberattacks, cheap password cracking software, and a wealth of password data available on the Dark Web give cybercriminals exactly what they need to find the password that unlocks your door and gives them access to the heart of your business.

Instead of hoping your old-fashioned security holds up, it’s time to move into the modern era. You need a secure identity and access management solution that quickly secures your access points without destroying your budget. You need Passly.

  • Multifactor authentication is the top credential security tool recommended by experts
  • Multiple methods of authentication code delivery make it convenient for staffers to log in securely in the office or when working remotely
  • Single sign-on makes it easy to add and remove access to systems, data, and applications fast
  • Seamless integration with over 1K business applications
  • Secure shared password vaults keep your most critical passwords safe but still accessible to IT teams in a central location
  • Take the sting out of a stolen, compromised, or phished password
  • Add protection against credential stuffing, phishing, ransomware, hacking, and more common cyberattacks

Contact the experts at ID Agent to see how our solutions can help you secure your clients, systems, and data against today’s biggest threats fast with affordable secure identity and access management using Passly.