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by ID Agent

Phishing attacks are making a splash as the top cybersecurity threat of 2020. Here’s why they’re such a powerful lure right now and our best advice on how to ride out the tide safely.

Fishing may not always be in season, but phishing is – and phishing attacks are the biggest fish in the pond in the 2020 cybersecurity threat landscape. This National Go Fishing Day, take some time to relax in the sun, enjoy the salt air, and head offshore to catch a white marlin or a fat tuna – but make sure you’re not the one getting caught by cybercriminals who are out phishing too

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You’d think that everyone who uses a computer would be so aware of phishing by now that it would be passé. But that’s not the case – in fact, phishing attacks have increased by more than 600% since the start of the COVID-19 pandemic. This dramatic increase is the result of a few key factors combining to make phishing more pernicious than ever.  

Three Factors Make Phishing a Whale of a Problem 

Shore Up Your Defenses Against Phishing Attacks Now 

Even as we begin the post-pandemic recovery, phishing isn’t slowing down. COVID-19 email scams continue to proliferate. A new phishing attempt is made every 39 seconds. It’s not just the rank and file staff that falls victim to phishing either.  The number one cause of a data breach is still human error, but 90% of data breaches started as a phishing attack that forced that error.  

Improve Your Training To Keep Your Staff On the Lookout for Trouble

The absolute most effective way to quickly improve your phishing defense is to commit to high-quality training using a variety of methods and testing tools to keep your users ready for new threats. Investing in high-quality phishing training and testing is a smart way to save money too because one breach can cost a fortune – the estimated global average cost of a data breach today is $3.9 million. 

Phishing is a universal menace, so BullPhish ID includes 27 non-English training videos available in 7 languages. We’ve also added COVID-19 scam testing and training content, and we’ll keep updating the training and testing tools in BullPhish ID as new threats emerge. 

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