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by Kevin Lancaster

What is Cyber Resilience and is it Important for Your Business?

Cyber resilience is a term that’s gaining popularity in cybersecurity circles these days as the industry evolves to take on new threats. Just like any other buzzword, you’re probably skeptical about it and whether it’s something that is important for your business or just a passing fashion. What is cyber resilience, and is it really essential for businesses of any size?

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Cyber Resilience Isn’t Just About Solutions

Cyber resilience is a new way of looking at cybersecurity. In today’s rapidly shifting threat landscape, companies can’t just rely on tools and solutions alone to form their entire defense. The extensive variety of nation-state hacking is a good example of a constantly evolving threat that requires an agile defensive strategy. Cyber resilient organizations combine strong security solutions with active, people-based defenses for flexibility of response during a cyberattack.

Trendy new concepts are often just a fancy way to sell you more (or more expensive) things, but that’s not the case with cyber resilience. As we saw during the onset of the global pandemic, events can spur cybercrime to surge at an unprecedented pace. By building cyber resilience, organizations can ensure that they’re agile and ready to act fast, deploying smart tools that maximize their defensive resources in case of trouble.

People + Solutions = Success

Cyberattacks are more complex and dangerous than ever before. That’s why every company needs to be able to quickly pivot to meet new cybersecurity challenges, and that means placing a premium on flexibility as part of your cybersecurity strategy. The biggest asset that your business has to enable flexibility and quick thinking when faced with unexpected obstacles is your people, and making sure everyone is in the loop matters.

By maximizing your use of your available defensive assets, not only do you get more value for your money, you can more easily see where you may have unexpected gaps in security that you may not have otherwise noticed until it was too late. You also develop a stronger overall security culture when everyone is thinking about how their actions can impact cybersecurity, leading to fewer errors that open the door to disaster.

Everyone is Responsible for Cybersecurity

When the whole staff is working together and your solutions are making the most of that, your organization is safer. No matter what size your business is, it’s just not feasible anymore to have cybersecurity only be the concern of a small portion of your staff when one wrong click from any employee can lead to disaster. That’s why one important facet of building your company’s cyber resilience to ensure that everyone is ready to defend against today’s biggest cybersecurity threat: phishing.

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People-Powered Defense is Ready for Anything

Cybersecurity experts are innovating all the time, but cybercriminals are innovating too – and they’re just as motivated to damage your business as you are to defend it. Increase your organization’s cyber resilience to increase your chances of successfully avoiding a damaging cyberattack. Contact ID Agent today to see how our solutions combined with your people power can boost your organization’s cyber resilience.

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