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a beige envelope being snagged buy a fish hook on a computer screen on a teal backdrop to exemplify phishing defense
October 04, 2020

MSPs: Improve Phishing Defense to Stop Clients From Falling for Phishing This Fall

MSPs: Don’t let your clients get caught by the phishing boom. Use these resources to boost their phishing defense to prevent them from falling for phishing this fall!

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election2020cybersecurity represented by a woman with a smartphone using multifactor authentication to log in to a laptop
September 27, 2020

3 Crash Courses in Cybersecurity for MSPs

MSPS: Do you feel like you need a quick refresher course in some of today’s biggest threats? Here are 3 :crash courses” in cybersecurity to get you up to speed fast!

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skout rebound 2020 exclusively sponsored by ID Agent in white on a lime and turquoise sunburst
September 26, 2020

Get Ready to REBOUND with SKOUT Exclusively Sponsored by ID Agent

It’s time to get ready for your next successful chapter. Join us for REBOUND 2020 hosted by SKOUT and exclusively sponsored by ID Agent.

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2021 cybersecurity marketing planning
August 31, 2020

Start Your 2021 MSP Cybersecurity Marketing Planning Now!

MSPs: 2021 is just around the corner. Have you started making your 2021 MSP Cybersecurity Marketing Plan? Here are some resources to get you started.

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create a 2021 cybersecurity plan with experts in this webinar trilogy
August 27, 2020

Use Secrets from the Masters to Create a 2021 Cybersecurity Plan

Before you create a 2021 cybersecurity plan, join us for A Cybersecurity Trilogy: PREDICT, PROTECT, PLAN. Featuring experts from around the world including Dr. Jessica Barker, Matt Seely, and Shivvy Jervis taking you on an epic journey to transform you into a Cybersecurity Planning Jedi

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back to school cybersecurity written on a tablet on a desk top with school supplies
August 21, 2020

Cybersecurity Marketing: 3 Wins for MSPs & Back to School

MSPs: Don’t miss the cybersecurity marketing opportunities that back to school and distance learning buzz creates for your business. Use these 3 marketing tips to connect with your clients, boost your profile, and do great community outreach all at the same time!

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August 06, 2020

Level Up Your Business with These 3 MSP Webinars

Ready for some killer sales and marketing hacks? These 3 new MSP webinars are packed with tips and strats to powerlevel your business!

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msp sales and marketing magic represented by a magician with a hat and a wand
July 16, 2020

3 Ways to Conjure MSP Sales and Marketing Magic!

These three powerful tools can help you attract prospects, summon more MRR, and transform your MSP sales and marketing in a flash!

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grow msp mrr illustrated by a man watering a small tree and harvesting money from a bigger tree
July 09, 2020

4 Tools to Use with Customers to Grow MSP MRR

An educated customer buys more. Use these 4 tools to demonstrate cybersecurity dangers (and solutions) to your customers and grow MSP MRR.

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marketing for MSPs 2020 represented by arrows going upward like fireworks
June 29, 2020

Rocket Fuel for Sales and Marketing for MSPs in 2020

The world has changed, and your marketing strategy needs to change to keep up. Get these 4 tools to boost revenue through marketing for MSPs in 2020!

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