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Will Insider Threats Torpedo Your Security Strategy?

December 01, 2020
insider threats like human error represented by the silhouette of a woman with her head in her hands in front of a laptop.

Accounting for Cybercriminals is Always on Your List, But Have You Accounted for Insider Threats?

As you work on determining what solutions and strategies you’ll use to secure your systems and data in 2021, you’re probably already considering recommended cybersecurity best practices and accounting for complications like chaotic world events, extended remote work, and evolving cybercrime technology. These regular suspects always star in any cybersecurity plan – and so should insider threats.

Are you accounting for the unexpected dangers that insider threats pose to your plan? Whether they’re staffers that are intentionally trying to cause harm or employees that don’t take cybersecurity seriously, insider threats are the real hidden time bomb for every business. Your most likely cause of a cybersecurity incident is already inside your building, and that has to be part of your risk calculus.

Insider threats include phishing. Explore cybercriminal tricks to stop phishing with our new book represented by a light blue comic panel of a phishing hook and old-fashioned comic book style in light blue on dark blue with facts about cybersecurity in 2020

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Insider Threats Are a Big Problem

The number one cause of a data breach and your biggest cybersecurity threat have something in common – human beings. It takes a human to click on a malicious link, give someone a password who shouldn’t have it, forget to secure a database or commit another unforced cybersecurity error. Even if they’re not acting maliciously and paying attention to security best practices, it’s inevitable that human beings will make mistakes.

That’s why it’s absolutely essential that the first threat that you consider in any cybersecurity strategy is the danger presented by insider threats. Even the strongest and best-designed security plan can be laid to waste in seconds by one staffer falling for a phishing email. Fortunately, putting the right solutions in place can help reduce your risk of damage from insider threats.

Extra Protection Goes the Extra Mile

Guarding your gateways using an identity and access management (IAM) solution is a key protection against many insider threats, whether they’re caused by employee errors or malicious acts. In a recent survey of CISO priorities in 2021, 43% of those surveyed said they’re investing in IAM ahead of areas like improving endpoint security and updating legacy infrastructure because of the myriad benefits that IAM brings to the table.

Passly is the right solution to answer the call for any business. This dynamic multitool gives you a wide variety of strong protections that help mitigate the risk of insider threats fast. SEE A VIDEO OF PASSLY IN ACTION >>

  • Convenient, easy-to-use single sign-on LaunchPads for every user don’t just streamline access to business applications to make sure that the right people have access to the right things at the right levels, they also enable IT staffers to quickly remove permissions or quarantine a potentially compromised account.
  • Secure shared password vaults are another essential that protects your business from the foibles of your employees. Stolen administrator passwords are a golden ticket for cybercriminals. Secure shared password vaults add extra protection for especially sensitive device and administration password protection while providing a convenient central location for IT staffers to access necessary passwords quickly in an emergency.

Increase Protection Without Increasing Your Budget

In an increasingly dangerous threat landscape, it’s essential that you add the extra protection that your company needs against cybercrime to avoid potentially damaging disasters. But every company is also trying to make their budget stretch a little farther these days, which doesn’t leave much room for new solutions. That’s another reason why Passly is perfect for businesses of any size – it provides tremendous value by combining multiple protections in one affordable package.

Contact ID Agent today to add the protection of Passly to your security stack. With simple remote management and seamless integration with more than 1,000 common business tools, Passly deploys fast and gets to work protecting your systems and data in days, not weeks – because you can’t afford to wait until a human error becomes a cybersecurity disaster.