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Guest Post: Clarify IT Needs With This MSP Strategy for Cybersecurity Threats

July 31, 2020
msp strategy for cybersecurity threats demonstrated through white text in a blue box

This MSP strategy for cybersecurity threats demonstrates risk and protection fast. 

Guest Blogger: Mit Patel, Managing Director, Netstar IT Support – London, UK 

In an ever-evolving threat landscape, security should always be top of mind. With the drastically increased prevalence in remote working due to COVID-19, the question of security, and how to protect your business becomes all the more crucial. It has been reported by Security Boulevard that 2020 is on track to reach a new high for data breaches, with record numbers expected. That’s why we’ve developed a creative approach to our MSP strategy for cybersecurity threats in 2020. 

We’ve seen it happen across the media multiple times over the last few years – large scale organizations falling victim to a cybersecurity breach. These incidents cost businesses millions of pounds and jeopardize the security of their customers’ sensitive data. From easyJet in May 2020, where the data of nine million customers was stolen, to the breach of the Marriot Hotel chain back in 2018, expensive and embarrassing breaches have become all too common. In the Marriot case, the organization was also punished by regulators for its’ cybersecurity failure and fined nearly £100 million by the Information Commissioner’s Office (ICO) after the data of 339 million guests was stolen by hackers.  

A layered approach to data security 

Businesses are all vulnerable to cybercrime no matter their size, and any company can fall victim. The weak link in any organization is often its people. Human error is the number one cause of data breach. Larger businesses may be able to weather these storms, but in the case of smaller organizations, a data breach could be crippling, and likely put you out of business. 

We recommend a layered approach towards security; all focused on negating the risk associated with human error. For example, installing Multi-Factor authentication across apps and devices so that security does not solely rely on passwords (users often use weak passwords and use the same ones across multiple platforms). We also advise our clients to enroll their staff in cybersecurity awareness training. These are both examples of great preventative measures MSPs can put in place to try and mitigate the risk of data breach for their clients. 

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Knowledge is power, and a stylish lesson makes a splash

We also recommend Dark Web monitoring to our clients as it is an excellent way to get alerted to any possible risk that may be associated with their business. For example, a vulnerable password associated with an old email account, which is now available for to hackers to purchase on the Dark Web. 

Our creative approach to demonstrating our MSP strategy for cybersecurity threats left a strong impression on our clients and prospects. We kicked off our delivery of Dark Web monitoring service early last year, at an event that we hosted at the Gherkin. By handing out mystery envelopes to our guests, which told them if their credentials had been stolen without their awareness and were available for sale on the Dark Web, we introduced the concept to them in a very tangible way. It was a fun exercise designed to draw attention to the very real nature of security, bringing it home to business owners.

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The benefit of Dark Web monitoring and security awareness training is that it empowers our clients and our experts to take preventative action before it is too late, protecting businesses from an unwelcome hack. By knowing where our vulnerabilities lie, we can take action for the better – while layered security gives our clients peace of mind as it adds crucial protection to systems and data. 

DRP Cycle protect trade secrets from cybercriminals

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