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Protect Trade Secrets from Cybercriminals in 1 Easy Step

July 24, 2020
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Take Action to Protect Trade Secrets from Cybercriminals Now, Because They’re on the Hunt 

Hackers don’t just want your company’s data to pilfer payment card information, steal identities, or commit financial crimes – they also want your company’s secrets. When you’re considering what kind of data you need to protect, put your company’s secrets high on the list because there’s always someone who is ready to buy them on the Dark Web. By beefing up your security to protect trade secrets from cybercriminals now, you can avoid a costly breach later.  

Corporate secrets are currency 

Recently, there has been a spate of state-based hacking efforts to capture COVID-19 treatment and research data. UK’s National Cyber Security Centre (NCSC), the Canadian Communication Security Establishment (CSE), the United States Department for Homeland Security (DHS) Cyber-security Infrastructure Security Agency (CISA), and the US National Security Agency (NSA) banded together to issue a rare warning to the medical community and cybersecurity experts that suspected Russian hackers were behind the effort. The target? COVID-19 vaccine research data.

While everyone wants to get their hands on COVID-19 related data right now, bad actors working as state-sponsored or corporate-sponsored hacking groups aren’t a new development. But with breach risk rising, you may be more worried about protecting your systems than protecting your proprietary information like formulas or research results. Don’t make that mistake –  your corporation’s trade secrets are valuable and everything from employee errors to malicious insiders is putting them in danger.   

Here’s how to protect yours 

Cybercriminals are often using a tried and true favorite to snatch corporate data – ransomware. The most common vehicle of delivery for ransomware is a phishing email. All it takes is one dodgy phishing email making it past your security and into an employee’s inbox, and the biggest cybersecurity threat of 2020 has arrived, putting your company one click away from a cybersecurity catastrophe.  

Stop the click that starts a disaster

BullPhish ID trains staffers to spot and stop phishing attacks fast. No matter what level of experience your staffers have with cybersecurity, BullPhish ID’s engaging lessons and animated videos will increase their resistance to phishing attacks. Easy remote management tools allow you to easily create custom groups of employees for training campaigns to make sure that everyone is learning at just the right speed. 

Protect your data from more threats

With our constantly updated plug-and-play training kits, you get everything that you need to conduct phishing resistance training easily, including up-to-date training about COVID-19 threats and spear phishing. By raising your staff’s awareness of phishing attempts via email, you’ll also raise their awareness of other potential forms of phishing, like attempts made through SMS text, chat apps, and social media platforms that can also put your data and systems at risk.  

Improve your data’s protection anytime, anywhere

Phishing threats never stop, so neither should your staff’s phishing resistance training. With BullPhish ID, you can easily conduct phishing detection and resistance training campaigns remotely and test employee retention with online quizzes to see who needs more help. And we’ll keep adding content that enables you to continue training as threats change, in 8 languages