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Improve Security in a Flash with a Strong Password Manager

September 20, 2020

Don’t Let Just Anybody In! Install (and Become) a Better Password Manager to Keep Cybercriminals Out.  

The velvet rope is there for a reason. They don’t just let anybody into a good nightclub, or backstage at a concert, or into the diva’s dressing room. So why aren’t you being just as choosy about who has access to the systems and data that run your business? Get a strong password manager to guard the door to your business with our award-winning secure identity and access management solution, Passly!

Secure identity and access management is a top priority for major CISOs because it’s an inexpensive, effective way to prevent bad actors from rushing the stage with cyberattacks like credential stuffing, today’s biggest threat phishing, and devastating ransomware. Strong security tools help you make sure that the right people have access to the right places and things – and only the right people.

A Password Alone is Like Giving Bad Actors a Backstage Pass. You Need Better Management.

Learn how to use a secure identity and access management solution like Passly to guard your client’s business against trouble. We’ll show you why this multifunctional tool is an entire security team in one solution, saving you and your clients time and money while boosting your MRR! You’ll see: 

  • How Passly immediately boosts security and gets to work in days, not weeks immediately upgrading protection with multifactor authentication
  • Why easy, intuitive management capability and Secure Shared Password Vaults make Passly perfect for securing a remote workforce
  • The power and flexibility of single sign on in managing permissions and eliminating constant IT headaches around passwords.

We’re Award-Winning Celebrities, But You Can Sit With Us.

See why Passly was awarded Innovative Product of the Year (Threat Detection) at the American Cyber Awards 2020 when you watch a technical demonstration of its multifunctional power!

Get the Tea on Passly

Take a look at the features and benefits that make Passly the ideal choice for securing systems and data. And with seamless integration with 1000+ apps, Passly’s ready to go on the road to secure your remote workforce.

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